Monday, July 30, 2007

Is the weekend over ?!?

Goodness, what a weekend.... it was a whirlwind. On a whim Sat we decided to work on Bronwyn's room instead of starting on the bathroom demo. The day started with cleaning out the desk and misc stuff in what use to be the "office." It felt good to trash the desk that was barely held together, it did its job for the last 8 years. After the room was cleared Tom started to get the walls ready to paint. I realized he had been quiet for about 30min so I ventured in to see what he was up to....and he was painting...that sneaky guy. That room has always bothered me since we hadn't touched it, so was refreshing to see it get some lovin'. After hours of work I passed out on the big brown chair (in the middle of the room), while Tom painted away.... he should've gotten a picture of that! Ha ha. The second coat of paint was on by midnight and we headed off to bed. Of course the first thing we did Sun morning was run upstairs to see the room.

After church on Sunday, Tom steamed clean the carpet and started to paint the trim throughout the room. By the early evening we were setting up all the refinished furniture, crib and fun!! There is still lots of work to be done on making her room cozy, but we did FINISH it ;-) As Tom said "Check if off the list" as his hand outlined a checkmark above our heads.

Before and after shot of her room.... still missing the crib mattress and of course coziness...

While Tom was finishing up the room on Sunday, I went to our church baptisms at Falls Lake. What a joy to witness so many of our kids, students and adults make their decision known... think there were 70 folks in total. It was a blessing that four 8th grade girls were baptised and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them in the coming year.

Now onto Monday..... more fun coming up next weekend ;-)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I meant to come back after my last post and add a few pics of our fun Jr High kids...oops. Well, here is a pic of the sleepover I had with my girls, they are so sweet and fun! Tom's weekend got a little crazy as the paintball field he usually goes to was closed for the summer...what the heck is that all about?!? Luckily, there are a few fields here... Hopefully I will get a shot of him in his gear in a few weeks.

We've gotten a LOT done this weekend at the house...and feeling very accomplished. Tom is painting Winnie's room as I write. It was a lot of work cleaning the room out, and we are so excited to see how it all turns out.
Next time I will post pics!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 20

We are 1/2 way...woohooo! The time is flying till we meet Winnie and hopefully we will put a dent in our "to do" list this weekend as we prepare for her arrival. This weekend will be crazy (and extremely FUN!) as I'm having a sleepover with the Jr High girls tonight and Tom is going to play paintball tomorrow. Hopefully I can get a good picture of him suited up to post here...his gun now looks like an assault rifle, haha.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Starting out...

Well, guess we will try this "bloggin'" thing out too.... Now everyone can "keep up with the..." Jones'.

Life is going to get a little crazy in the coming months as we are expecting our first...a precious little girl. Its going to be such a fun journey for us to take together, CAN'T wait!!! I keep telling folks that I am an open book....her name will be Bronwyn Ruth Jones (and we will call her Winnie). The skinny on her name, Bronwyn is my middle name and my parents fought over calling me Merritt Bronwyn or Bronwyn Merritt...of course my mom won that battle. Ruth is a family name, after my Great-Aunt who lived to be 92 and was an amazing women of God.

Here is a pic of our Winnie from last week, and yesterday I turned 19 weeks so here is the latest view of the belly....