Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keeping up with the Chicago Jones'...

We had a blast this past weekend visiting the Chicago Jones', Kim & Jeff. They are the perfect tour guides, as we had them going everywhere! On Friday night we went out to dinner, enjoying the cool weather outside....and got to meet some of their Indiana classmates (one of them was playing in the band that night for a charity next door). On Saturday Kim and I started out the day walking down to the local farmers market, boy was I jealous that this was SO close and every Sat from May till Oct!! I picked up two green tomatoes, and boy were they yummy in BLTs on Monday night! After the farmers market we headed downtown Chicago for the CSI exhibit at the Science & Industry Museum. For a few hours we were working to solve a crime...what a change from we all do every day (Jenn- I'm sure you would've laughed at us, since you do this everyday!!). Did anyone know that there is a coal mine underneath the museum? We didn't know either until we took the tour, and found out at the end that it was real (dumb us!!). Made us really think of those men who were stuck in the mines the last week or so...crazy to think about! Next we drove downtown to find a good Chicago pizza shop....can I say YUM!! Of course we had to walk off the pizza so we jotted down Michigan Ave (shopping mecca) and went to the top of the John Hancock building. What a view...from the women's bathroom, haha!! Seriously though, instead of bothering others while they drink/eat, the best view is from the women's bathroom (thats where the attached pics came from). Sat night Kim made us a very yummy meal and we just laid back (my ankles needed to be propped up from all the walking). Sunday we took the Loop and Red line down to Chicago to meet Shelley for brunch. Kim, Shelley and I were all co-workers at IBM back in the day so again we had a reunion, living up the memories and updates on all our past co-workers.

As we flew home on Sunday we both were so happy that we traveled out to see our dear friends Kim & Jeff.... nice to get these travels in before our little one comes soon!! Thanks again Kim & Jeff for being the perfect hosts and touring us all over your area!! Can't wait to see you again soon!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Family baby shower....

This past weekend Tom & I traveled to Pennsylvania for our first baby shower, thrown by our amazing family. As we packed the truck on Friday the butterflies started to flutter in my tummy (or maybe it was Winnie)...I was so excited to see our family & friends who we see every few months (and some over a year ago)! On Saturday my mom, Aunt Mary Ann & Georgia finished the final touches on the food and picked up the cake. Georgia had an argument with the cake lady when she mispelled Congratulations...seriously...she put a D in for the first T. The lady even went to the back of the bakery complaining that "that lady" (Georgia) was telling her to change the D to a T...can't believe that nobody told her she was wrong?!? The rest of the family & friends starting showing up around 1pm and we got the party started! Throughout the next few hours I just took everything in...the food was delicious, the love was indescribable, and we were so very blessed with some amazing gifts for our little girl!! We felt so loved that our family threw such a nice shower for us and some drove over 3 hours to be with us!

This is all becoming so real that she will be here in 14

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prego girls...

Tonight the prego girls had a dinner out to talk baby & celebrate the upcoming births.... We are all due within a month of each other, crazy!! So fun to hear how everyone is preparing for their little ones and compare how we are carrying. Loved seeing all the girls and can't wait to get together in Oct some time, and play dates to come!!!

This isn't the most flattering picture but shows of our bellies!

Left to right:
Merritt-- Bronwyn due Nov. 28
Amy-- Baby V due Oct. 31
Courtney-- Samuel due Nov. 10
Jenna-- Taylor due Nov. 30

Friday, August 10, 2007

Progress is being made....

Its been over a week, I know, I know....

Well, the Jones' have been hard at work. This past weekend (& weeknights) Tom ripped up the guest bathroom floor and started laying tile, all while suffering a head cold. I on the other hand went shopping for all the showers, weddings and birthdays we have in the next few months...and there are a LOT!! Unfortunately, this week has been pretty crazy at work, really hoping and praying next week is better and I lose this darn cold.

Here is the progression of the bathroom....the finished project will be posted soon...hopefully after this weekend ;-)

Our cats on the other hand are just lounging around while we are getting all our "to do's" done....

So glad we got the glass front door , they love it!! Their little friends come by to visit too...and of course its entertaining to see them swat at bugs outside.