Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Trip to HT for Triples...

I woke up this morning with excitement....not because Winnie was awake at 7:30am and teething badly....but because I was getting new coupons and going back to HT!! Sad isn't it?!? I finally hit my goal, saved more than I spent!!

Would've spent $68.27 but saved $36.64 in damage $31.63!!!!!! Woohoo!! Our small group is set on snacks, we don't need toothpaste for awhile and even have some Panko to give my mom ;-)
So, after 3 trips we've spent $131.69 and saved $116.24...wooohooo!!

Please keep little Winnie in your prayers, her teeth are really hurting her and she won't eat anything. Luckily she is still drinking and does like the V8 Fusion which has lots of veggies and fruits! Tonight I took her temp and its up to 101.9 so we'll be going to the doctors in the morning ;-( Poor thing, hope she sleeps well tonight!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Triples at Harris Teeter....

I'm getting in the game of Triples at Harris Teeter... I've taken two trips and saved us quite a bit of $$, woohoo!!

First trip...
Would've been $102.43 but I saved $9.83 in VIC savings and $42.57 in coupons...$50.03 damage...not bad, not bad

(everything pictured)
Second trip...
This trip I bought more produce that of course didn't have coupons....would've been $94.53 but I saved $3.48 in VIC savings and $23.72 in coupons...$67.33 damage..

(only coupon saved items pictured...too lazy to put all out)

Now we have some extra lunch snacks, non-stick foil (which ROCKS!!) and treats for Winnie ;-) Yeah, even some baby food for her too, the poor girl is teething and will really only eat her baby food veggies and soft food...guess its something. Two of the coupons I used were left with the product, as if someone decided not to use it and share with others, THANKS!!

Total savings: $79.60!!! Not bad for a first timer...but will take suggestions, haha! Going back Sunday after I clip new coupons....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Much For Skiing...

Well, MarPatSki didn't happen this year BUT we still got to see the Frederick / Marchetti clan. My Aunt MaryAnn checked out the ski slopes in her area and unfortunately there wasn't snow covering the slopes, so sad!! For the past few years (except last) we've gone skiing at Snowshoe Mtn and this year decided to go somewhere less expensive since we are working to pay off our debt... oh well maybe next year!!

We had a blast in MD though visiting my family. Its been a few months since we've seen Eben & Julia so we were excited to spend some quality time with them on Saturday. We started off the day at Port Discovery (a Children's Museum near Inner Harbour, Baltimore) and have to admit it was pretty funny watching 5 adults watch a 16-month old play. Of course her favorite exhibit was the Royal Farms convenience store...if it has a store-like apperance and lots of bottles/boxes she is in heaven! Seriously, we've started saving boxes and taping them up as toys for her, she will play with those and bowls anyday over toys (but still loves her books). The exhibit even had a gas pump and VW beetle that you could fill the air in the tires or pretend to put gas in.

Saturday evening we celebrated Tony's 50th birthday (its Mar 24th) with family & friends Emily and Gregg. When we go to Baltimore to visit there is one thing that we request...crabs! Emily & Gregg were able to get us 1/2 a bushel of crabs and mussels which totally made our night! We all sat around picking crabs and laughing about old times....there are some classic stories like when we sold our farmhouse and my mom's friend helped her clean out the house, including the bear grease jar that was in the basement ...she keeps everything!! Of course we torchered Tony with old man jokes and had him drinking his beer out of a sippy cup!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Life...

We've been living the crazy life the last few weeks, between Winnie catching a stomach bug and family visiting. In those 2 weeks though we did get in some great family time though!! I feel horrible that I didn't take many pictures while we had family visiting, argh! Tom did take a few while the kiddos were watching Noggin' together...and I took a few when we took Winnie to Marbles Museum. She had a blast playing in the pretend grocery store (imagine that!) and playing in the "peas". Her all-time favorite though was the red HOT sportscar, we are doomed when she turns 16!!! Will be fun to watch these girls drive together when they are 16!! Winnie will have to let Eden drive first though ;-)

Winnie loved all the quality time she got to spend with her Grandma Jones, and we loved having her travel all the way down to see us!! I promise to be better at taking pics of them together next visit!!