Friday, February 20, 2009

Just For Fun...

Yesterday Winnie cracked me up... She was playing in the living room and decided to put on her bow headband that she got from our Blog Swap friend, Toni. Well she couldn't quite get it on her head so decided it would work for a necklace instead. She wore it all over the house till we left! I'm starting to think that she will LOVE dress-up and definitely want to pick out her own outfits in the near future...

This little shirt says it all "Little Miss Chatterbox" if only we could understand what she is saying ;-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Visiting Family & Winnie Walking...

This past weekend we visited Tom's sister Jennifer & her boys in South Carolina and had a blast!! We had a rocky start, or should I say rocking night as Winnie didn't want to sleep on Friday night. We were up off/on most of the evening as she would stand up in the pack 'n play looking at us after shhhh'ing her for awhile we would lay her in bed with us...and awhile later she would be up again....argh!!

Morning came too quick and not sure where we found the energy but we were off to "EdVenture" in Columbia, a kids museum. This museum ROCKS and now that Winnie is walking it was super fun to watch her interact with all the things to do and see. Oh, yes she is officially walking (mastering it last weekend) and is loving her new freedom (videos at bottom). Her favorite thing was the mini-Piggly Wiggly supermarket where she could push her cart and pick whatever she wanted to buy. Unfortunately though, we didn't let her go in right away as we thought it was mostly older kids playing, and when we finally realized she should play too she only had a few minutes (oops!). Definitely going to get out her boxed good and set-up a mini-store in our bonus room now!! She also loved the Curious George room and all the big vehicles around the truck, VW bug, tractor, etc and got to ride on them all. She didn't know what to think of the big Ed that sat in the front of the museum...he was HUGE and you could see inside of him (around the back)...great for older kids though! Saturday evening Jennifer made an awesome Valentine's dinner and then we gave the kiddos a bath. It was Winnie's first time taking a bath with her older cousins, and we could tell from her smiles and laughter that she enjoyed every minute! These will be great pics when these kids get older!! While we were visiting Tom did some handyman work around the house for his sister (she had a list of things) and he loved being able to serve them...of course until he had water spraying all over himself. He was trying to fix the leak in her bathroom sink, and while tightening a piece it came off and water went everywhere. Luckily he was able to hold his finger over the pipe until his sister ran around the house trying to find the main water line, it was pretty comical to hear Tom give her ideas of where it could be!

Pics from our weekend...

Winnie on the move... Can't get over how fast she has picked up walking and standing up!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bachelor....

If you've watched The Bachelor at all this season you know that Jason has a very hard decision to make in the next few shows. He is a great man and father that will have to pick which woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The last 3 women seem to really care for him and are genuine about their feelings. Next weeks show is the romantic get-away to New Zealand and should be interesting as they all have more time with him.
Also, the previews (at the beg of the season) showed Deanna coming back this season to win Jason back, since she obviously made a bad decision the first time... The big question is WHEN does she come back??
Make your vote to the right on which girl you think he will choose!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where's The Beef?!?...

In our freezer!! Hahahaha!!

Today Tom, Winnie & I drove to VA to meet my mom & Tony and get our meat. Every year we buy a 1/4 of a cow (or should I call it a steer?) from a farmer in PA and enjoy it all year long. Its usually delicious and very economical. This year our angus cow weighed in at 1,000lbs of meat (big one!) so we got ~250lbs!! Now that seems like a LOT of meat but between Tom, I & company (yes we feed our company well) we devour it all by the next year. Of course we always bring the meat to cookouts and give some to our adopt-a-family at Christmas time.

This year our freezer started with 10lbs of hamburger, a chuck roast & some rolled rump roasts left over from this past year....and we filled it quick!

We had a nice quick visit with mom & Tony in VA too. They loved seeing Winnie and she was all smiles eating lunch with them (now if only I could've remembered my camera!). Thanks mom, Tony, Emily & Gregg for delivering/storing our meat!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love From My Valentine Swapper

YAH YAH YAH!! My Valentine blog swap gift from Toni has arrived!!

It took me awhile to break it open, it was packaged so well :-)
Once I broke through I was so excited to see all the fun things she sent us. All three of us will be blessed with these gifts...Valentine's cupcake mix w/ Vday paper cups, heart shaped measuring cups, Andes candies, a sweet headband for Winnie and cozy slippers for me! Winnie will look so cute in that headband (thank you Toni for thinking of her!!), her hair has been a little crazy lately. I was hoping to get a pic of her wearing it for the blog but kids will be kids, and she was in bed early tonight.

Thank you again Toni!! As I write this I think there is only 1 Andes candy left...and I don't ever want to take the slippers off. Seriously everyone I know is getting a pair of these slippers for Birthdays/Christmas, they rock!!