Friday, September 21, 2007

Emerald Isle (Part Two)

Well, as our week draws to a close, we have reflected on what fun we've had here. Today we got our last day of sun and relaxing in which was so very sweet. Only one day of rain all week and it allowed us to sleep-in and get a lot of "family" stuff accomplished as we prepare for Winnie. Now I must say the only downer we've had was eating out. All week we looked forward to eating at this Italian restaurant....Tues we went there to celebrate our friend Tom's bday and to our dismay it was we went tonight. Once again we all the cravings for calamari and some good pasta, BUT the place is not savvy to having small children (no high chairs!!) and the hostess was rude. the only thing Emerald Isle needs is a better selection of restaurants.

We are so very grateful for our friends Stephanie & Tom who invite us to share this gorgeous beach house every summer!!

Stephanie took some amazing pregnancy pics of us today, they turned out amazing (and she doesn't even do this for a living, maybe she should start!!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Emerald Isle (Part 1)...

This is our last week vacation at the beach without a little year we will be chasing her around on the sand. We've really enjoyed relaxing and getting our tan on. The company, food and sun has been absolutely wonderful. Today its raining so it gave me a chance to play catch up on my Thank You's & blogs. Hoping tomorrow (our last full day) is sunny!!

Tom in his usual spot....reading in his beach chair.

Our friend's Stephanie & Tom's little girl Ava enjoying playing in the sand...

PSU vs Notre Dame (oops forgot to post)...


(It was REALLY HOT....can you tell!?!)

Tom & I went up to Penn State for the big PSU vs Notre Dame football game a few weeks ago, and I totally forgot to blog about it ;-( We had an absolute blast wearing our blue/white, yelling "WE ARE...PENN STATE" and watching PSU kick some butt! Unfortunately I did not get to go into the game, but Tom & the guys had a great time! The girls went to the Elks to watch the game and were so pumped up after the game we decided to go downtown. Georgia had a brilliant idea to drive through downtown yelling "WE ARE" to all the fans. She even had me beeping my horn as she yelled it. Mind you I was driving her husbands Chevy Silverado truck, and my mom & Carol were in the backseat. The Cafe' was the best place as Georgia leaned almost her whole body out of the truck to yell, too funny! On Sunday we finished up the weekend with seeing our old neighbors, the Nastase's. I absolutely love them and was so excited to meet Laura's precious little girls Olivia and Emily.

The craziest tailgate I've seen in a long time.... check out the DJ stand on top of the RV. Compared to ours we were very tame.

Grilling shrimp in a whole new way....interesting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Winnie's Big Show...

Today Tom & I were blessed to see our little girl, and wow is she adorable (maybe I'm partial). I tried to prep her before going in for the big show but she still covered up her little face with her hands and feet (yes feet). A few times she did give us a full view of those beautiful eyes and mouth. She already has some hair and we are wondering if it will be red....

We are absolutely in love with her and can't wait to meet her in 11weeks (or so). Oh, did I tell you she weighs 3lbs 6oz and is measuring a week early....may be a Thanksgiving baby after all.
Please keep us in prayer as we find her a daycare, we visited 5 centers this week and have a big decision to make very soon.

Check out those little feet...