Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time For A Vac-ation!

Well, its been almost 2 months since I've posted anything... but I'm back!!

This past week we spent the week with Tom's family in his hometown for our June vacation. Before we made it into PA we stopped for a quick visit with our friends...the Grant's. Its been ages since we've seen them and the girls were so cute getting to know each other again. Of course Winnie was a little shy at first but warmed up when she was able to run free... I miss them so it was a fun reunion!!
We had a jam-packed week and lots of visiting with family, including some members that we haven't seen in quite some time which was so nice. We started off the week with a trip to a childhood favorite amusement park, Kennywood. As we drove to the park I saw sights that brought back so many fun memories of going as a child...and our fun car-ride names (Eben & I were Yohan and Yohana..haha!). The kids (and adults) had a blast at the park riding rides and eating some yummy food.

What sweet cousins....these boys take such good care of Winnie and of course she LOVES all their attention!!
Winnie on her first amusement park ride...the swings...she LOVED it!!
Oh, she LOVED this one too as you can see by her smile!!

The next day we were off to the Pittsburgh Zoo...

On Tuesday we were off to Salisbury to visit my Aunt MaryAnn & cousins... Winnie warmed up to Treyson really quick and absolutely loves him. We had a nice afternoon lunch, then playing at the park and checking out the garden. On the walk Winnie wanted Trey to carry her, only Trey....

We got a little desparate for Winnie to eat meat...haha...she liked the meat stick (and so did the boys)!

Wednesday we shopped till we literally dropped....and found some great deals at Ollie's, Hallmark, and Gabriel Brothers!! Thursday we had a photo scavenger hunt..which was SO much fun. Tom & I were on the same team and in the end tied Jennifer & Virginia...man oh man! This photo is our "movie scene"... "Throw Mama From the Train" which won us a lot of votes....

Thursday was my sweet hubby's birthday (big 3-5!) so we celebrated his special day along with his Uncle Chuckie's coming up soon. Birthday parties cookouts are lots of fun with the Jones/Rohm family....esp when there is more than 1 cake ;-)

The kids had fun playing with bubbles and some even took a dip in the cold swimming pool. Luckily the other kids were done with the bubbles by the time Winnie got her hands on them...ha ha our little bubble horder...

On Friday we were off to our Pittsburgh day....and got a late start, haha. We all had a great plan to meet at Panera at 8:45am but for us with children we didn't quite make it, as the kids slept in (not like we were complaining!). The adult crew went onto their museum and we went to the Children's Museum. This area was the best....a Bob the Builder play area. Winnie totally looks like she could live in this "caravan", hilarious!

After the museum we took a trip on the incline, soooo cool!! The view from the top was awesome too! Winnie was taking a nap in the stroller so Tom stayed at the bottom with her.

And....Saturday we got in some good family time and then headed on our way. FINALLY we were able to get a picture of Mom Jones with all 3 of her grandchildren....