Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring On The Warm Weather...

Our weekend was filled with fun as the sun beat down on Raleigh. We started the weekend with a dinner date with the Vallecorse's. Every time we get together with our good friends we truly enjoy watching the kiddos play and experience new things together, while we catch up. Both kiddos are walking well now and into everything. After dinner we went for a short walk and spent some time with our neighbors...the kids even had a chance to swing and slide (thank you Stephanie/Matt!!).
(Winnie is teething bad & healing from an ear infection...hence the paci...boy do I hate that thing when she is out and about!!)

Saturday morning we headed to our favorite place...Ollie's Bargain Outlet....YES we finally have one in our backyard!! There are soooo many good deals at Ollie's, from books to toothpaste to sheets to brand stuff for cheap (1000 times better than Big Lots!!)! When we visit family in PA we make a special trip to splurge so now we can space out our trips and spend less on great items!!

After the trip to Ollie's and putting Winnie to bed, I made my first visit to Logan's...a gardener's dream in downtown Raleigh. After sitting through a step-gardening "class" I purchased all our soil for our veggie garden at 20% off (woohoo!!). Tom worked on staining the deck all day and as soon as he finishes we can get the garden boxes built. It will bring me such joy this summer to go out and pick our veggies from the garden and teach Winnie all about gardening (hopefully she will like playing in dirt, haha).

My high school girls, Megan & Beth, and Winnie and I went to Red Lobster to pig out on Lobsterfest. Megan had never eaten lobster so we waited in anticipation for her first bite...and I think she liked it! Boy was I full after all that food...and the biscuits still taste amazing!! The girls and I had a little sleepover and some heart-to-hearts which I LOVE! What amazing girls!!

Our weekend ended on such a spring-time note.... We met Sunday night for a fellowship/cookout with our small group. Definitely feels like summertime with burgers on the grill!! After we ate the kids went out into the yard for an Easter egg sweet. Winnie was a pro from the beginning (thanks for the training Amy!) and loved putting things in and out of her basket.