Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bachelor....

If you've watched The Bachelor at all this season you know that Jason has a very hard decision to make in the next few shows. He is a great man and father that will have to pick which woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The last 3 women seem to really care for him and are genuine about their feelings. Next weeks show is the romantic get-away to New Zealand and should be interesting as they all have more time with him.
Also, the previews (at the beg of the season) showed Deanna coming back this season to win Jason back, since she obviously made a bad decision the first time... The big question is WHEN does she come back??
Make your vote to the right on which girl you think he will choose!



Amy said...

What a fun post! You know I love the Bachelor! I voted for Jillian. I love her and think she is the best suited. If not her, I think it will be Deanna, but I doubt that.

The Jones' said...

I agree 100%!! Think ABC is trying to trick us into thinking that he isn't all into her.

Toni Rivera said...

I vote Melissa! Deanna has some 'guts trying to come back! She is so fame-hungry!

Donna said...

I cannot beleive that he dumped Jillian. She was by far the best one suited for him. I bet he won't marry whoever he ends up with. Melissa is too babyish and Molly is not ready to settle down or be a mom. And what was up with all of that sleepign around last night?!!!!!