Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where's The Beef?!?...

In our freezer!! Hahahaha!!

Today Tom, Winnie & I drove to VA to meet my mom & Tony and get our meat. Every year we buy a 1/4 of a cow (or should I call it a steer?) from a farmer in PA and enjoy it all year long. Its usually delicious and very economical. This year our angus cow weighed in at 1,000lbs of meat (big one!) so we got ~250lbs!! Now that seems like a LOT of meat but between Tom, I & company (yes we feed our company well) we devour it all by the next year. Of course we always bring the meat to cookouts and give some to our adopt-a-family at Christmas time.

This year our freezer started with 10lbs of hamburger, a chuck roast & some rolled rump roasts left over from this past year....and we filled it quick!

We had a nice quick visit with mom & Tony in VA too. They loved seeing Winnie and she was all smiles eating lunch with them (now if only I could've remembered my camera!). Thanks mom, Tony, Emily & Gregg for delivering/storing our meat!!!

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Amy said...

Okay, I hope this comment takes, b/c my last one didn't!
Great post! As a grateful partaker in your cow from years past I can attest to its yumminess! Look forward to more beef w/ you! haha