Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Trip to HT for Triples...

I woke up this morning with excitement....not because Winnie was awake at 7:30am and teething badly....but because I was getting new coupons and going back to HT!! Sad isn't it?!? I finally hit my goal, saved more than I spent!!

Would've spent $68.27 but saved $36.64 in damage $31.63!!!!!! Woohoo!! Our small group is set on snacks, we don't need toothpaste for awhile and even have some Panko to give my mom ;-)
So, after 3 trips we've spent $131.69 and saved $116.24...wooohooo!!

Please keep little Winnie in your prayers, her teeth are really hurting her and she won't eat anything. Luckily she is still drinking and does like the V8 Fusion which has lots of veggies and fruits! Tonight I took her temp and its up to 101.9 so we'll be going to the doctors in the morning ;-( Poor thing, hope she sleeps well tonight!!

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