Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Much For Skiing...

Well, MarPatSki didn't happen this year BUT we still got to see the Frederick / Marchetti clan. My Aunt MaryAnn checked out the ski slopes in her area and unfortunately there wasn't snow covering the slopes, so sad!! For the past few years (except last) we've gone skiing at Snowshoe Mtn and this year decided to go somewhere less expensive since we are working to pay off our debt... oh well maybe next year!!

We had a blast in MD though visiting my family. Its been a few months since we've seen Eben & Julia so we were excited to spend some quality time with them on Saturday. We started off the day at Port Discovery (a Children's Museum near Inner Harbour, Baltimore) and have to admit it was pretty funny watching 5 adults watch a 16-month old play. Of course her favorite exhibit was the Royal Farms convenience store...if it has a store-like apperance and lots of bottles/boxes she is in heaven! Seriously, we've started saving boxes and taping them up as toys for her, she will play with those and bowls anyday over toys (but still loves her books). The exhibit even had a gas pump and VW beetle that you could fill the air in the tires or pretend to put gas in.

Saturday evening we celebrated Tony's 50th birthday (its Mar 24th) with family & friends Emily and Gregg. When we go to Baltimore to visit there is one thing that we request...crabs! Emily & Gregg were able to get us 1/2 a bushel of crabs and mussels which totally made our night! We all sat around picking crabs and laughing about old times....there are some classic stories like when we sold our farmhouse and my mom's friend helped her clean out the house, including the bear grease jar that was in the basement ...she keeps everything!! Of course we torchered Tony with old man jokes and had him drinking his beer out of a sippy cup!

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Amy said...

Great update! Love the pic of Winnie clapping - very cute! Looks like you guys had a great time despite the lack of skiing!