Saturday, October 13, 2007

Deep fried candybars, Funnel cakes...

Who can go to the State Fair and not eat a deep fried something....haha. Last night we endulged in a little bit of everything! I won't devulge what ALL we ate, but it was good! My all-time favorite though has to be deep fried candy bar, milky way is soooo amazing! Did you notice in the picture above that not only do they have "Deep Fried Coca-Cola" (debuted last year) but now have "Deep Fried PB&J"....must be a NC thing...haha!

Oh, and I am SO excited that its finally fall here!! It got just cold enough last night that I was able to wear my fleece vest (which can't be zipped but still very comfy!).

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Amy said...

I'm seriously dying for a deep fried milky way after reading your post....seriously!! I'm about to raid my pantry for CHOCOLATE!