Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sleepy head...

Yesterday was a sleepy day for Winnie, but she is awake today! Must've been growing on her 1 week birthday yesterday. The first week seemed to go fast, hoping the next 18 years don't!!

Tony & Eben came to town last night to celebrate Thanksgiving, so fun to have the whole family here. Tom's mom is coming Saturday, so both Grandma's will be able to love on her lots.

Please pray that she would gain more weight...her next doctor's appt is tomorrow, Friday. Sleeping all yesterday didn't help much but "Team Jones" power-fed her last night.

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Amy said...

What a sweetie!! She is a doll. Oh, don't worry, she'll wake up soon and eat like a little piglet like her buddy Samuel over here. Today is his 2 week mark and he is more sleeping all day which means no more naps for mama!