Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer is over....

Wow, its been FOREVER since I've posted something..... sorry blog fans (if I have any left, hehe)!!

The summer is officially over, we just got back from our last beach trip of the summer...so sad. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE autumn, BUT there is nothing like relaxing by the pool or on the beach with your feet in the sand!! Time for vests though, YAH!!!

We had a blast at the beach this past week with my mom & Tony. We rented a home in North Topsail Island, NC...which had great perks and was CHEAP! Everyday we would wake up around 7ish (with Winnie as our alarm clock) and be down to the beach by 9am. Winnie couldn't get enough of playing in her blow-up pool at the beach, with her bath toys surrounding her in the salt water. Still everytime we would put her feet into the ocean she would cry and pick her legs up like she was a sitting.
(can you see the fish in this pic...look at the top of the wave!)Oh well, maybe next year she will like it! After her afternoon nap we would take her into the pool to swim a bit.

There were only 2 days that were overcast/chilly/rainy but we filled them up with shopping! I actually got a few Christmas gifts purchased, thank heavens. Every night we ate well... of course we set-up a schedule before we went and enjoyed relaxing when it was the others turn. Tues we went down to the local seafood market, next to Surf City Crab, and got clams and shrimp...it was my turn to make dinner, Clam Linguini! It was absolutely delish!
On Wednesday we went back down to the seafood market and came home with a dozen and 1/2 crabs....they were only $18/dozen!! We couldn't believe they were soooo cheap and large! Tony had gone crabbing earlier in the day and came home with 3 of his own to add to the pile. (Did I mention the neighborhood had its own fishing dock...Tony had a blast fishing all week!) My mom was hilarious as she wouldn't cook them (since they were alive and all), so Tony & I took care of dinner that night!!They were some of the best crabs that I've had...and that says a LOT! Friday night we were suppose to have burgers/dogs....but were all craving the crabs again.... Mom and I were sad when we stopped in at the market and someone had just bought 6 dozen, leaving only a few little guys, darn! So, we bought flounder and shrimp instead! It was the first beach trip that we ate almost everything in the fridge, with no leftovers to spare.After all that fun we brought Winnie home sick.... When we got home and took her out of the carseat she seemed a little warm but just thought she was filling the seat more and getting too warm. She was still warm after a little bit so I took her temp... 103.1!!!! YIKES she really was sick! So, we took Liz's advice...gave her a cool bath and some ibuprofen. Her temp went up and down all weekend, which meant she/I were going nowhere....I got a lot of cleaning around the house done!! Monday morning we took her to the docs and he said her throat/tonsils were all swollen and she even had blisters in there!! Poor little thing... Now today her temp has gone down some more but she is sleeping an awful lot, hope she is 100% by this weekend....we have family coming to visit!

Which reminds me..... the bonus room is almost complete!! Tom worked late last night caulking the baseboards and we are going to start organizing our stuff in there tonight!! I'm SOOOOO excited!!!

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Amy said...

Great update after a long wait! Sounds like SUCH a fun week had by all and you totally have me craving seafood. Summer must be your favorite season?? The house was really pretty too...glad you kids had such an amazing time. Poor Winnie-I'm glad she had a great vacation, but feel so bad for her being so sick! Glad that sweet little thing is feeling better!