Monday, November 17, 2008

...and Winnie turns 1 !!!

Friday was our little Bronwyn (Winnie) Ruth 1st birthday!! We took the day off to spend time as a family around the house (in the rain) and get prepared for the big birthday party on Saturday morning. Thursday evening Tom & I went through the events that led up to Winnie entering the world.... from my water breaking at 3am, trying to fit in a McDonald's breakfast on the way to the hospital and finding out it was closed.... to pushing for 2 hours straight! I'm not a mushy person but thinking about our little girl's life for the past year brings tears to my eyes... She is such a blessing to us and it is hard to remember our life without her.

After she opened up the gifts from us and "Uncle" Ben & "Aunt" Pam we headed out to our favorite pizza place. We ordered a special pizza just for Winnie that had just a little sauce and lots of cheese....who knew a small would be soooo big! She loves carbs so her eyes were like saucers to see her very own pizza!!

Saturday was her BIG day to celebrate her birthday with good friends and a few family members (next week is another family birthday party)... With it raining we had to move the party to our good friends home, we were very thankful they opened it up to us (our home is just too small/awkward for 40 people!!). Over the past few weeks I've stressed about the decorations but all and all they turned out very cute.... teddy grahams and gummi bears in "hunny" pots (flower pots with hunny written on them), Winnie the Pooh decorations and a blow-up Winnie the Pooh (like the cheesy ones people put in their joke!). We really wanted someone to dress up like Winnie the Pooh and greet kids at the party...but seriously there were no outfits without the face showing (argh)!!

Proud Nain with her sweetie...

Winnie absolutely loved playing with her friends and of course dug right into her cake. She didn't waste too much time on eating the icing... Did I mention our friend Elizabeth made her awesome cake (same family who hosted)!! My cupcakes on the other hand tasted good but I will spare everyone on their appearance...haaha!

After Winnie's party we headed home to relax a bit and then get ready for our couple's small group Annual Thanksgiving dinner. Every year we look forward to this usual the food was amazing and we so nice to catch up with everyone (current and extended members)....even with this group we were missing at least 4-5 families!!
Sunday after our family got on the road we went to another sweet girl's birthday...Presley. She was so cute in her little blue dress, enjoying being surrounded by family and friends.


Jen said...

It is hard to believe that it has been a year. What a beautiful girl Winnie has become. Love you guys =)

The Jones' said...

Aw thanks Jennifer!!

Amy said...

Aw, that was so sweet, esp the first 2 pics! We had a great time at Winnie's party and I LOVED her festive outfit. She loved her cake too which was too cute! Can't believe our "babies" are ONE!

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