Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few facts about me...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and posting a few facts about me... Tom and I have laughed all morning about what to add, so some of these may be embarrassing!

1. I'm very visual....can sense directions by their surroundings, notice when candy is missing (oh yes Tom- I catch you all the time!), and everything has their "place" at our home

2. Hate cleaning the house because I have to do it ALL (the whole house) at one time, can't stand to have the bathroom clean and not the bedroom, etc.

3. Really didn't think I would breastfeed Winnie this long and still shocked that I even do it at work!! Trust me though, I won't do it a day after she turns 1 (memories of the lady at the kids exchange sale b.feeding her 3yr old daughter still bring me nightmares!!)!

4. I am very scared of the unknown and death...and can remember the first time I thought about actually dying (at my Grandma Saylor's home in her living room) and have to kick Satan out of my head everytime the thought comes up.

5. On a better note... I LOVE checking the mail!! I race out after the mailman pulls away!

6. As a child I really wanted glasses and braces, and would definitely try and make my own retainer out of paperclips. Unfortunately, now I wear glasses/contacts and on my second round of braces (thank heavens for invisalign!).

7. I am following my mom's footsteps in loving to cook...and hating to bake. I really do try to bake but 2/5 tries fail.

8. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and get so excited to see how my hydrangeas are growing!

9. I grew up on a farm and really took it all for granted. Wish I had horses now....but would probably still try to get out of scooping manur, like I did as a kid (sorry Eben and mom!).

10. When I was a kid we had a goose Jake and he would chase us around the farm. He didn't last very long....can't recall but I think we ate him...haha.

11. Walked 1/2 mile up-hill everyday after the bus dropped us off. Would run home most days b/c Eben would chase me with something or on an embarrasing note, I had to poop (haha- one day I didn't make it and did the deed on the front stoop while opening the front door).

12. I LOVE the beach BUT hate the sand, it gets everywhere!!

13. I'm an open book (#11 case in point) and will talk about (almost) everything.

14. Shopping makes me happy, especially a good sale...and when I get home I can't wait to wear the new piece of clothing and will before it gets washed.

15. Oh, I hate confrontation and still regret my confrontation with Michelle Drenning in high school... maybe I should apologize after all these years, we are friends on facebook...hmm.

16. I love calendars and schedules, my palm desktop is always open and can't wait to plan a date/trip in advance.

17. In the morning I walk around the house barely clothed and sometimes have to duck behind things if Tom has already opened the blinds (entry by Tom, it drives him crazy!).

18. Love taking pictures and always looking for the "perfect" shot. Really need to sign-up for some photo classes asap!

19. Really hate to be by myself (always have).

20. In high school I was the girl on the track team who would match her entire outfit...oh yes, shirt, tights, windbreaker, and shoes! I still do love me some "matchy matchy"!!

21. I must wash/dry/curl my hair hair is like corn silks if not.

22. I'm always singing in the car (which Tom loves) and sometimes will get caught making up the words.

23. At 9 I found out that I have a half-sister, Kristen, who I met then once.....and she still doesn't want to know my family (or my dad's). Weird thing is that we look a LOT alike.

24. I have a passion for Jr High girls walk with Christ and am terrified of moving up with my girls to High school this year!!

25. You'll never see me jump in a pool, for some reason I torture myself wading in and usually only go up to my chest.

Alright, that wasn't too hard....hoping someone actually reads that...haha.


amanda said...

I loved this! You are so open and honest!

Amy said...

This was fun to read!! LOVED #11---hahaha...still laughing. I knew most of these...except that you always sing in the car--I've never heard you sing! And, you SHOULD take photo sessions, you'd be great at that!

The Jones' said...

Amanda - YOUR turn!!!

Spartyben said...

Man, I didn't know a few of these! Very honestly written - I thought it was great

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I didn't know that you had a half sister butI did know that you love to sing in the car =) Love ya.

Mandy said...

LOL!! I am the total opposite of you with the baking. I HATE cooking...but I love to bake! I am the same with cleaning....once I start...I cant stop until its ALLLLLLLL done!

Donna said...

Those were great! I love reading these things. #11 had me laughing, too:)

Sue Frederick said...

OK, the goose Jake was a girl! She was a lovely goose! And, we didn't eat her - she died after getting blood poisoning from another animal grabbing her! She was so much fun. You were a lovely little girl who saved MAC from living in the wilds - I'm surprised you didn't mention him. He was the GREAT lives of all of our lives! Do you have a pic of him you could publish? Love you, Mom

Dolly said...

I'm just catching up with your top 20. Loved reading them and learned more about you. #11 is def the best!

Sarah said...

This was my favorite post! I can totally relate to numbers 1,2,5,11,12,13,14,16 and number 15 made me laugh. I definitely had a number 15 in high school too :)