Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A "Who" and the Outer Banks

We have a little "Who" in the house.... Last week while we were giving her a bath I tried to put her hair in mohawk, but it with the little curls at the ends she looks more like a "Who" (from the Grinch). She LOVES laying on her tummy so we can wash her backside, "kick kick kick" is one her favorites too!
This weekend we made a quick trip out to the Outer Banks to visit my Aunt Mary Ann and her family during their vacation. She had 4 of her 5 children there, along with their spouses and 6 grandchildren..... 16 in all!! With all the bedrooms taken, Tom and I pumped up our handy air mattress and set-up Winnie's pack 'n play in the laundry room (she slept so good all weekend!). Winnie finally got to meet some of her cousins and loves them so much.

On Sunday we enjoyed the pool and hot tub as the tropical storm fluttered in and out of the area (thankfully the storm didn't gain momentum). Winnie had so much fun kicking and splashing in the pool with Treyson. In the afternoon we set-out for a beach favorite...crabbing.... We came home with our nets empty but hopes that someday we will catch some! Sunday night we had a treat.... Tara and Boo made us all some Thai cuisine for dinner...absolutely amazing! Luckily the weather Monday was clear so we headed down to the beach with the family. Winnie had her first enounter and taste of sand.....she wasn't too sure what was on her hands at first, so decided to taste it...good thing we had some water near by! My cousin, Georgia, had an idea this year to have people do presentations to the group throughout the week. First up was my cousin, Stuart, who gave us a presentation of our ancestory. Tracing our family has always been on my "to do" list, so I was SO happy that he did it while we were visiting, he gave us hand-outs and all! Now I need to trace my dad's side....and talk to Uncle Chuckie about Tom's...
For only being at the beach for 2 days we sure did fit a LOT in and had some good QT with family. Winnie loves them all and it meant a lot to me that she finally got to meet her cousins. Some how she knew that Treyson was a kid and watched his every move... He wanted to hold her all the time and she would just curl up in his arms, even resting her head in the nook between his head and shoulder, adorable!!

Check out that hair....its getting so long! If only it would grow more on the sides, haha!


Amy said...

Loved your updated! The mohawk is hilarious! She has enough hair to actually get a "do". We should take our kiddos in to "Peek-a-Do" and get their first cuts together.:) The sand pictures are adorable--so much to explore and so little time:).

Layla said...

You write very well.