Friday, October 3, 2008

A BIG Thank You

This BIG Thank You goes to Winnie's Grandma Jones.... THANK YOU so much for the car seat!! We ended up ordering the cow print one online and were surprised that it was already on our door step last evening! Winnie wanted to try it out last night and LOVED it! She was sitting in it in the living room, looked like it was her recliner as she read her book. Looking forward to putting it in the car today. This mom is excited as it will be SO much easier to get her in/out and won't worry that she wasn't protected any more in the other one as she outgrew it. THANK YOU again!!!!!
Winnie is into pointing at everything now! She loves to point at the pictures in her books and people, too cute!


Amy said...

So cute--she looks so happy in it and I'm glad for you guys...seems like it will be a smooth transition! Love the one of her pointing--so cute! More cowbell!! (Remember that SNL skit?)

Jen said...

Winnie looks so cute in her new seat. We are going to ave to start looking for one for Caroline soon.