Monday, October 20, 2008

Luv Ya Lions!

This past weekend we headed to Happy Valley for the big Homecoming game against our rival Michigan! All week I could picture us heading into State College, showing Winnie all over my hometown and favorite spots. We drove up to MD on Thursday night to stay with my mom & Tony to ensure we could get into State College in time for the Homecoming parade. We got to the parade just in time to bundle up and find our spot on the road to see the festivities. The parade was its usual...crazy floats by the fraternity/sorority duos, random college clubs, bands, random cars and oh of course many dance teams. They did limit out the fire trucks from every surrounding town, local business owners sitting on a convertible and kiddios twirling their battons....darn!! It felt good to hear the Blue Band and get us all ready for the game Saturday!
We were a little late setting up our tailgate is a little different with a little one. Again it was freezing out but we had to get pics of the Penn State fans with all our gear on. Winnie was amazed at all the people and couldn't believe how cold it was!As soon as the pics were taken Winnie was getting layers upon layers put on...can't believe she was even able to move after putting jeans over her knit tights, poor thing. While the adults busted into the buffalo chicken dip she had all her toys out on the blanket, making it just like home. After while Georgia, Treyson & Carol found us....and hung-out for awhile till we got ready to head into the game. Georgia & Trey were so sweet to watch Winnie for us! Throughout the whole game they were sending me texts of how she was doing.....she just loves her cousin Trey and giggles everytime he looks at her (can't wait for them to play more at Thanksgiving!).

The Nittany Lions didn't disappoint...the first half was a little rocky but they pulled off an awesome win over Michigan!! After the game Tom and I couldn't resist Damon' snuck in a quick date.

Before we headed out of town we stopped by the Pringle's home in Bellefonte. Heather and I were good friends in a high was so fun to get our girls together for a playdate! Oh have times have changed since high school!A little slideshow of the weekend..

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Amy said...

What a FUN WEEKEND! I love that you were able to show Winnie all around your stomping grounds. She could not be any cuter in that cheerleading get up...which brings me to the question, why don't you let her be a Penn State cheerleader for Halloween?