Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time....

On Christmas Eve we went to our church for their service... Winnie usually goes in the nursery but we braved taking her into the main sanctuary for the entire hour, and she did great! We sat in the backrow with all the other parents with strollers, so she was all eyes watching people come in/out of service and the lights on stage. Winnie loves music and boy was it good, I truly enjoyed belting out the traditional Christmas hymns like my mom and I did years ago when we were in a Christmas show at our home church (boy was that fun!). Chuck gave an amazing message on why Christ came to earth and became man... 1. to relate 2. to rescue, he knows how to reach us so deeply... What a special night to honor our Lord Jesus Christ!

Winnie also had a blast showing off her new Christmas dress that Aunt Margie bought for her, if she could've twirled she would have!

We also had a chance to see good friends from our small group and their gorgeous children... here is Kristi with her girls, Emma and Hannah (I was sad I couldn't get one of them both looking at the camera with their mommy).

This is how our Christmas tree looked on Christmas Eve after Winnie went to bed...there were finally presents under the tree in preparation for the next morning.

Before heading to bed I got the cinnamon rolls all made for Christmas morning...

On Christmas morning I brought Winnie down and she was excited to see all the new toys and gifts under the tree. We captured her excitement on the video camera, so excited to watch it! One of her favorite gifts (even as I blog) is her new shopping goes everwhere downstairs, back and forth from the living room to kitchen.

Here is Tom trying on his new crocs and croc hat...Winnie didn't know what to think
The purse and little people farm were two of her other favorite gifts, she carries around the lipstick from the purse...its even helping her stand on her own (puts all her effort into holding it near her mouth!).

Our sweet neighbors, the McKinney's, surprised us on our doorstop early (with all the family in tow) so we returned the favor by stopping by after naptime.... Little Noah just slept away, while Eden and Winnie played on their buggies.

Even Eden's Uncle Brad wanted a ride in the big kid wagon.
After playing it was time to finish up dinner and eat, and eat we did! Everything was super good and we got in some more quality time with our friends, the Murphy's.

Now that Christmas was over it was time to prepare for the day after Christmas sales... Mom and I were up early and headed out to Crate and Barrel for their HUGE sale! We were about 100-120 people deep in the line and still ended up getting in on the first round, woohoo! I totally had my camera and forgot to snap some pictures of the craziness ;-( We girls did good though... lots of linens for the table and pillows, and of course gifts for next year (even picked up a few things for friends). We headed onto Ulta, Target, Kohl's and TJMaxx... by the time we got home my feet were throbbing and ready to relax. Tom headed out to the movies with a friend so mom and I pampered ourselves girl style to some Mamma Mia....a little pedi and manicure to end the day!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas in celebrating our Lord's arrival and looking forward to starting the New Year out on the right foot....

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Amy said...

Great recap! Loved that you captured everything so well. So cute that Winnie loves lipstick - a girl after my own heart:). She'd better watch out come Wed b/c Samuel loves kissing and even says, "kiss, kiss" - he'll be chasing her for some smooches:).
Glad you got a great mani/pedi - that sounds AWESOME right now and I'm sure you loved it after a crazy busy Christmas and black Friday!