Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebrating 80s style with Paula...

Saturday night about 12 of us went all out 80s style to celebrate Paula's 30th birthday! We all met up at California Pizza Kitchen (at the mall) hoping that everyone else had dressed up... On our walk in and while we stood waiting for a big table we got stares, snickers and even a laugh from a child walking past. It was fun to see how everyone dressed and how daring they were. The birthday girl, Paula, totally looked like Cyndi Lauper with her hot pink sequence/ruffle dress and black lace glove. Jennifer was able to help her play the part with the hot pink microphone! We also had a singing waiter who used the microphone to sing some Michael Jackson and other hot 80s hits. The night's highlight was Todd surprising Paula with a surprise visit from her daughter Amelia, who was even dressed 80s with a jean jacket and red hot pants. Paula was so excited to see her daughter that she teared up with emotion. After dinner we headed over to Paula's for dessert...and watch Amelia rock! She loved all the attention as she spun around, sang and showed off her legwarmers. The funny thing is that Meredith had just worn those....so they were truly "one size fits all"...haha.

What a fun night to celebrate with Paula! As you can see in the pics I dressed pretty tame... most of my outfit was bought at Target (like most others), crazy how things are coming back... never thought I would say that about legwarmers!!

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Amy said...

SO FUN!!! Merritt I think the 80's was your decade! You look smokin' hot in your get up. The belt pulled it all together:). Loved how everyone really got into it.