Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the homefront...

What a crazy week its been... Our little Winnie has been sick all week and so have I. We both had a headcold and only I had a fever (short-lived). So pitiful to hear her cough, especially through the night. Our friend Liz suggested we put vicks on the bottom of her feet when she sleeps and really think its helping. Of course you can't put vicks on little one's chests but her mom has been putting it on babies feet for years. Luckily I am feeling better and able to care for our pumpkin (PTL!). Tom has been absolutely amazing, he's done a lot this week for his girls!

This week we also decided on a daycare for Winnie...such a hard decision. On March 25th she will start going to Mary's home. We just met Mary a few days ago, but my mgr takes her daughter there (for 3 years) and she has been watching children for 37 years. Her home is on our way to work, the kids there seem very happy and well-mannered. There is even a little boy who reminds us so much of Treyson when he was a little boy, so smiley, active & sweet. It all sounds so good but there are a few downfalls, nothing major. She will be loved and cared for much better than the other daycare option we had previously registered for.


Amy said...

So sorry to hear you guys had such a rough week!

paula g said...

oh, poor Winnie. I hope you both get better soon.