Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a Saturday....

Miss Winnie had a full day yesterday...filled with fellowship, fun and yummy food. Early in the day we got to play with Samuel, Presley & Sam (and their mommies Amy, Jenna & Courtney)...this is the first time we got all 4 kiddos together since they were in our tummies. All 4 of them are at similar stages and all curious as to what comes next, was so fun to see them interact with each other. Even funnier is the height difference between Presley and Winnie... now Winnie is only in the 15% and Presley (born two days later) is off the charts. Each little one has their own little personality and all so sweet...going to be fun to watch them grow-up together!!
After her nap we headed over to our good friend's, Amy & Brian, home for a well-overdue double date. Its only taken us a few months to get out of the fog and so nice that we could enjoy a nice evening together. Brian made his AMAZING chicken parm that just melts in your mouth, can you tell we were craving this for weeks! We ate way too much, laughed a ton and then endulged in some tasty chocolate cake. Our sweet babes were excited to see each other for a second time in the day...they had a chance to get to know each other better....staring at each other...holding hands and Winnie was even ready to put her arm around him. We were starting to wonder if she was putting the moves on him!
"Lets hold hands...they probably won't let us again till we are 18!"

"Mom, I love this little guy..."

"See he likes me back..."


Amy said...

hahaha....LOVE the captions esp, "Mom, I love this little guy"...SO CUTE!! Those pics are ALL keepers. I love that they were curious about each other too. We had a great time w/ you guys and love seeing that sweet Winnie as always!

Dolly said...

Merritt, your little girl is beautiful! I love her hair and her big eyes. Her and Samuel will grow up being best buds. THat's sweet! Good post and loved seeing your babies!

The Jones' said...

Aw thanks girls, you two are very sweet!

Dolly- I can't wait to meet your little one, time will fly!!

Teecy said...

Merritt, these pictures are precious. I love seeing all of your babies. Winnie is beautiful! I'm sure you're having a great time with her. I hope I get to meet her sometime this summer.

paula g said...

Those pictures are adorable!
Amelia was the complete opposite the first-and only- time she had a playdate with a little boy. She smacked him in the face several times and would not let him play with her toys! So unlike her! I wonder what Todd told her before Ethan came haha
It was great to see you today. Winnie is sooo beatiful :)