Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Tommy Boy...

My sweets Tommy Boy is such an amazing man that I need to take a moment and thank him publicly. When I got pregnant last year I tried so hard to keep up with our flowers but as I grew it got harder and harder. Also, expecting craziness with an infant we knew we had to think ahead for our garden this year. So in the fall we bought tulip and hyacinth bulbs...and still not sure Tom knew what he was getting into... BUT all his hard work has really paid off! About a month ago our hyacinth came up and now our tulips are in full bloom. We also planted some annuals last year which all came back (PTL!). We laugh that we have an instant garden this year and loving that we didn't have to do a thing!!

Tommy Boy, Thank you so much for planting all those bulbs and putting a smile on my face everyday!!

I had to throw this in....haha... Tom doesn't love spinach but eats it every time I make it. Tonight he had me in tears as he gobbled it down (probably swallowing it whole). Now Tommy, eat your spinach!!


Amy said...

Wow! Those flowers are GORGEOUS!! Great job, TJ! And, good boy eating your spinach--you'll grow big and strong like Popeye!

Jen said...

Your flowers look so pretty. Good job planning ahead =)