Monday, April 28, 2008

The start of a new decade...

Today is my 30th birthday...yikes...30th birthday... As a child 30 sounded soooo old and today its still a shock that its here!

For the past few years, my mom & I have celebrated our birthdays together with the boys over my birthday she and Tony drove down on Friday night. We always look forward to the Spring Daze (a cute craft fair that covers a park in Cary), getting a pedicure, shopping & eating out over the weekend. This year was no different, on Sat am (little later than usual) we headed to the craft fair and suprisingly only came home with some stylish belts. The weather was amazing and we actually had to put sunscreen on for the first time this year! Winnie (pics to come) was adorable wearing her beach hat lounging in her jogging stroller. In the afternoon we headed out to get our pedi's, what a relaxing time!! Sat night we were off to Maggiano's for our birthday dinner with the boys, and the Christner's. Wow, can I say YUM!! Of course we did family-style (you order 2 apps/2 salads/2 pastas/2 entrees/2 desserts for the table) and got seconds on almost everything!! We came home with 3 bags of food...gotta love those leftovers!!

Our serving plates empty...

Then they came back with seconds!

Ben showing off his broccoli!

So, back to today.... Its rained here ALL day!! Tom and I took the day off to spend a day together with Miss Winnie...well, we couldn't go for a walk or enjoy the outdoors but still got to enjoy each other. We practiced using our new camera (our joint birthday gift to each other)...and LOVE it! Finally we can capture some of Winnie's smiles before she is onto something else.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!


Amy said...

That camera takes great pictures! Glad you love it and glad you had a great birthday with the fam. Welcome to 30--it's the new 20!

amanda said...


paula g said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

jen said...

That is a beautiful picture of you and Winnie!!