Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A bear...A WHAT!!

Our neighborhood was all over the news on Sunday when a bear, a real BEAR, was seen walking down our street...really OUR street!! They think it was a mother Black Bear and her cub that had gotten a bit lost. Luckily we were out of town, since we would've encountered this BEAR while we were leaving for church. Now our neighborhood is total suburbia with lawn care service and white picket fences...not the forest! After our neighborhood they were seen behind the Wal-Mart at Brier Creek, still not sure if they have found/caught them yet.

This blows my mind.... In the last picture he totally is headed to our house.

Our neighbors Mary & David captured the moment from their front porch... CRAZY!!!


Amy said...

That is crazy! Winnie could have it for a pet---can't you see her riding on the back of it?? Fuzzy wuzzy bear--hahaha.

Denise said...

Hello Merritt. Love your blog.

How cool is that! What a big bear too!

By the way, love your name. It might have to go into the name pool for our fifth!