Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Babble...

Everyday is a new day with Winnie, she is growing so fast and doing something new each day. Lately she is on her belly a whole lot more and trying to scooch around, mostly backwards. She continues to try and put her little legs under her butt so she can crawl but hasn't been able to yet. At daycare (Mary's home) she loves the walker and can move backwards about 3-4 feet.

This week she said "Mamamamama"!! My week was made!! She has always been a talker but only at home...even these videos were hard to get as she stops talking as soon as she sees the camera ;-(

The first video she shows us the skill of throwing your toys off the high chair tray...wonderful... time to teach her to keep them on the tray!! Look at those eyes...and even her hands say "I just did something I wasn't suppose to..."

Oh, haha, don't mind the conference calls in the background....our house is crazy in the mornings with us both having WW jobs.

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Amy said...

Isn't it just the most fun thing to hear them talk! I love it! I wish I could learn to post a video!

She was in her own little world and really had something to say to that book! Can't wait to see you guys tonight so our kiddos and play together in their highchairs!