Monday, June 23, 2008

Reminiscing & A Pool Party

The Jones' weekend was a jam-packed filled one (surprise surprise). By Sunday we were ready to relax... Sunday morning we dressed Winnie in the dress that we bought when we found out that she was going to be a girl. It was a special time for Tom and I to reminisce about that day and realized that it was almost a year ago (we found out on June 25th last year)....too cool! She was absolutely adorable going to church wearing her little dress and one of the flower headbands that Mary made her. Those headbands are a hit..everyone commented on how cute and girly she looked! Our little girl is everything we dreamed of...from her relaxed, carefree personality to her hair swoop....we are taking in every moment with her!

In the afternoon we headed over to our friend's pool for a small group pool party and cookout. The Kern's ROCK and we loved fellowshipping in their backyard!! The kiddios were so fun, splashing in the pool together and playing on towels together. Emma and Connor loved being thrown in the air by their parents, they were all smiles. Emma (we have two) and Hannah the twins LOVE the pool and were having so much fun swimming around with their parents. I'm so excited that the Lord prompted me to bring an extra bathing suit for Winnie, as Kailey was able to borrow and jump in with her dad. Caroline and Winnie had a treat too, it was both of their first times in a pool (a real pool)! Both did awesome and practiced their "kick kick kick." Tom cooked up some yummy burgers/dogs and had them ready by the time the kiddos were done splashing. Luckily the Lord held off the rain, it started coming down as we were leaving!!


Amy said...

The headband is too cute on her! Great picture and very special about he dress/date. I know you are such a date/numbers person! The cookout sounded soooo fun! Hate we missed it!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Great pictures !! We had a blast with everyonelast night. Send a thank you to Tom for cooking the yummy burgers and hotdogs.