Monday, June 30, 2008

Quality time...

This past weekend was all about having quality time....

On Friday night we had a nice dinner out with our good friends, the Vallecorse's. Samuel and Winnie tried out their highchair covers and seemed to really love sitting up at the table. We always have a blast with the V's and cherish our time with them. After dinner we tried to put the kiddos in the grass to snap a few started raining and both weren't too sure about the grass!

On Saturday I spent a fun (busy) morning with a new friend, Kristi...she and her husband have joined our couple's small group and excited to get to know her better. She and I went to our church sidewalk sale and bonded over good deals! Seriously, they had toys/books/clothes $2 or less!!!! We both made out big time! Afterwards we headed back to her home so the girls could play together. Winnie loves watching Hannah and Emma walk and play!

All this for $19....including a Patsy Aiken dress!!Winnie loves her new toys, especially this book...and it was only a quarter!!

Sunday was an awesome day too.... One of the girls I used to lead was in town from Atlanta!! Christine moved there a few years ago when her dad got relocated. I absolutely LOVED seeing her and having some special time after church to catch-up and see where the Lord is leading her. She is an amazing woman of God and was so happy to hear she (still) has a heart to go to Africa someday. Her passion is to become a nurse and then go to Africa to serve the people who are hurting. This girl has got to get there!! Our time together was too short...and I miss her already!

Tom was busy in the bonus room all weekend...its coming together. Hoping we can the electrical and framing inspections this week...and PASS!!

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Amy said...

We had a great time seeing you guys--hilarious about the grass and our kiddos--Samuel was REALLY not feeling it.